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Digital Publications

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With people turning to their smartphones, tablets and e-readers to access information, often on the go, our service to create digital versions of your traditionally printed content is increasingly in demand.

Digital publications offer a major saving over their printed counterparts in 2 distinct ways. Most obviously they do away with printing costs, but they also reduce the cost of updates and changes which occur in many businesses.

Small changes can be carried out efficiently and become available almost immediately. This does away with the waste when you’ve still got a stockpile of printed material which is no longer current or appropriate.

Bigger changes can be done in a way that is non-restrictive too. For example, inserting an odd number of pages in the middle of a catalogue can cause an imbalance and require additional thought and effort to even out the pages. Not something that even needs thought in digital form.

For the end user, of course, there is the advantage of saving space. We all know about how much more convenient it would be to carry one thin and compact e-reader instead of a dozen hardback books. Not forgetting, e-readers these days can store much more than that.

Content can always be accessible too. Imagine leaving a manual at home when your miles away and feeling stuck? Digital media is designed to be downloaded easily. Most people these days have their smartphones or tablets at hand to do this.

End users also benefit from access to updated content. Knowing what they’re reading is the latest version gives more confidence in the information they’re receiving.

If these were not enough advantages on their own, digital media has extra tricks up its sleeve to leave it’s print counterparts in awe. Customisation features allow the user to adjust fonts to make them more comfortable to read. Interactive links can whizz the reader from one topic to a related one, or from the index straight to the required page, in the touch of a finger. Wish the person could see a short visual demonstration? Embedding video is also a possibility.

Don’t get me wrong; printed books, magazines etc still have a place. The still sell well and maintain popularity. There is no denying that digital publications are being embraced very openly for the cost savings, convenience and flexibility they offer. It’s a medium that definitely should not be ignored.