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It’s sometimes difficult to supply the correct images to adorn your pages or as illustrative aids to your topics. Stock images often provide the solution.

Whilst there are many websites that offer stock photography, getting a good quality to select from within a reasonable budget is not always straightforward.

Don’t risk it – It’s probably protected by a Copyright

When an image is taken from Google or directly from other websites without permission to do so, you risk heavy fines. Whilst it might seem unlikely that anyone will notice, they do. Google’s image search methods demonstrate how technology can automatically recognise images and trace duplicates. We’ve seen ill-informed people do this and end up with fines amounting to thousands of pounds.  Our advice is simple in this matter – don’t do it.

Photography Services

If you need good quality photographs specific to your business – e.g. of your building, speak to us. We also offer product photography services.

FREE Stock Images

Whilst they don’t offer the widest range of images, there are 2 standout free suppliers of stock photography:

Pexels and Pixabay offer very high quality, high-resolution images that are free to use for personal or commercial use. Some of the photos they offer are particularly outstanding, with great compositions and lighting, as well as interesting subject matter. It’s well worth checking them out.


We have teamed up with Shutterstock to offer a huge selection of royalty free stock images that cover almost every topic you can think of. Shutterstock is one of the leading stock image websites and their pricing is straightforward and reasonable.

Shutterstock offer vector graphics, illustrations, movie clips and audio files as well as high-resolution photographs.


You can browse, view, select and purchase Shutterstock images from our special link. If you do so you will receive added discount off our other services.