Video Editing

Editing and preparing video clips for online viewing

We offer the service of video editing to prepare clips for YouTube, Vimeo and to be streamed directly from websites.

The internet has benefitted exponentially from broadband speeds and the ability to stream high-quality video content instantly.

Gone are the days of waiting for slow buffering clips that turned out to be blurry and with poor sound. It’s amazing to see 4K quality becoming the norm. The production value of so-called amateur videos on platforms such as YouTube is equally impressive.

The use of Video for Businesses

Streaming videos can be an excellent medium for introducing and advertising your company’s products and services. Done professionally this can promote your business in a way that is eye-catching and easy to share using social media.

Another great use by businesses for video is to create help and instructional videos. This can greatly improve the customer support side of the business and is often instrumental in the growth in popularity of a brand.

As one of our services, we can cut/edit and prepare these videos, mixing sound, text and effects to make them more polished.