Data Import and Export

Large amounts of data transported efficiently

Organising a data import can be a tricky task, especially if you deal with thousands of complex products.

The process involves sorting through and methodically organising product SKU’s, references, descriptions, prices, stock levels, weights, specs etc. This information has to be systematically displayed, searched for and filtered on your website.

We’ve got years of experience doing just that, often with a product inventory of tens of thousands.

Complex Products

Product configurations can be complicated. Options can go beyond size and colour. We’ve dealt with products that have multiple options and hundreds of possible variations. Our experience has taught us effective ways of achieving this.

Related Products and Upsell Products

Associating certain products to others either as a suggested accessory or as an alternative is a good e-commerce practice. Deciding what item goes well with the other either requires an algorithm or some sort of manual system. Achieving this association across thousands of products is something we’ve got methods to do efficiently.