Server Backups

Backing up your data to protect from data loss

server backups

All important data should have a regular backup schedule. In the case of websites, server backups will get your site running again quickly if something goes wrong.

Whilst it is a rare occurrence, when something goes wrong with your server you risk losing valuable information – especially if you are running an e-commerce site.

Without a backup, the time it takes to get up and running could be long and costly. Some of the data may be lost for good. This can have obvious financial repercussions too.

Regular server backups mean that a snapshot of all your sites data, images, transactions etc are saved periodically. If the server crashes, the backed up data can be used to restore your site and have you running smoothly again with minimal downtime.

Each business needs to have a backup schedule in place. It’s something we can discuss with you to ensure the most appropriate backup plan is adopted and that you are completely covered for every possible scenario. Whatever the eventuality, a server backup can minimise the cost to you and your business.