Custom Databases

Bespoke database design

custom databases

Some situations require the collection of specific data that only custom databases can accommodate.

Databases are powerful tools that collect & store data, ready to be used for a variety of business needs. It is the ability to create relationships between different data types that make them a valuable asset for any company.

An example of a database relationship is when you have a set of data about people (names, contact details etc), and a different set of data about cars (reg number, model, chassis number etc). A person can be attached to a car whilst he owns it, but when he sells the vehicle to a new owner this relationship is broken and reestablished with the new owner’s details.

Now factor in other useful information such as the cars maintenance history, the parts that have been used on it etc. You’ll see the complexity of that database is growing.

Whilst most scenarios have been seen and done before, there are some businesses that require something out of the ordinary in the data they collect and store. Even if the data collected is typical of other businesses, the way it is compiled afterwards may require some bespoke work.

Nowadays collecting data directly from your website through forms is becoming the most efficient method. If your business needs to collect data in a certain way, particularly if it needs to be integrated into your website, speak to us about what we can do. Custom databases may provide the perfect solution.