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Memorable and appropriate domain names are a key part of building your brand name and recognition.

Selecting the right name or names

If your brand is well known, it’s name is sufficient for recognition. People and search engines will know what you do without the need for prompting.

New businesses should consider including their services or product type in the domain’s text. Domain names carry a lot of weight when it comes to search engine rankings. Before your brand is established people are less likely to be typing in your companies name. They may, however, be typing in exactly what you have to offer.

Multiple domains can be purchased to secure them from being registered by your competition. For this reason, it’s a good idea to register as many variations of your domain as you think could be mistaken for your main domain name.

If you register multiple domain names, you can always use these to forward onto your chosen ‘main domain name’. This means if people type in one of the alternative addresses, they will still be redirected to your website.

Subdomains and DNS Services

Subdomains are having a different prefix before the domain itself. The most common subdomain is www. You can substitute the w’s to point to a different part of your site. For example, you could use for your main website, and could point to a trade only area of your site.

This ability to point different subdomains to different locations is part of DNS management. DNS management also includes the control of how your domain is used for personalised email addresses. Similarly, it is used for at the heart of linking up a variety of external services associated with your domain name.

Top Level Domain NAMES(TLDs) vs Country-Code Top-Level Domain NAMES (ccTLDs)

Choosing the correct suffix for your domain names is important too. Whilst you can purchase multiple names to cover all the probable possibilities, selecting the best top-level domain as your main address helps identify the role of your business too.

TLD’s refer to top-level domains. The most common of these are .com, .net and .org. ccTLDs are country-code domains such as .uk or .eu. Often these are accompanied with a second level domain (an additional portion just before the last dot”.”); .co and .org are examples of this, making up and

Domain Prices & Registration

Domain names such as cost as little as £6.99 to register and secure.