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Hosting servers are often referred to as ‘web servers’ and are essential for any website to be live. 

What is a hosting server? It’s basically a computer with software installed that is geared towards serving out web pages whenever it is requested to.

Can any computer be used as a web server? Technically, yes – however, it’s advisable to have a computer which is dedicated for this purpose so that all its resources can be utilised for this task.

Why do we need a special hosting provider? Hosting companies have computers that are set up specifically as hosting servers. This means that they have the best configurations and software loaded to serve web pages efficiently and with minimal security risks. Because successful sites will have multiple visitors at any given time, these servers need to be able to cope with the incoming traffic. Professional hosting servers have an excellent infrastructure for this purpose. They are connected to internet lines which handle web traffic much better than most business or home broadband connections can cope with.